1901 Union Avenue
Fairfield, CA 94533

Columbariums & Niches
The Chapel of Light offers indoor niches in a beautiful setting. The niches are all glass front so that you may decorate with pictures and/or mementos. Generous use of stained glass and natural skylight within the design of the Chapel of Light evokes a feeling of peacefulness while visiting. The indoor chapel is equipped with security locks that require an entry code. Each purchaser is given this code.
Fairmont Memorial Park offers a unique cremation memorial urn called Back to Nature. This niche is for cremated remains in an above ground natural setting that is integrated into the landscape. Fairmont Memorial Park has placed these granite urns throughout the courtyard, but these urns may be purchased for your special garden. The Back to Nature urn is a natural unfinished rock with a bronze memorial plaque for names and dates.